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$17,421 Profit From One Video
Here's an example of an ad we ran for one of our clients. This video has received over 1 million views on Facebook and generated over $17,000 in net profit.

So why are our ads so successful?

Here at DunderMedia, we study the content our target customers consume, and reverse-engineer the optimal ad format to generate sales at a low cost.

For example, this video was carefully edited to blend in with the style of viral video pages popular among baby-boomer women (our target for this product).
Why Aren't Your Facebook Ads Working?
Consumers are getting smarter, and Facebook is getting more competitive. The truth is that, without strong ad creative, it will be impossible to stand out in the newsfeed and achieve your business growth goals. The reason most companies are unsuccessful with Facebook ads is subpar creative. Stock photos and poorly edited videos just don't cut it anymore. If you want to acquire more customers profitably, you are going to need cutting edge ads.
The Cost Of Bad Facebook Advertising
If you're not following a proven strategy, there is no limit to how much money your company can lose on paid advertising. Streamlining your paid acquisition will help your business avoid:
 Burning Through Thousands Of Dollars And Have Nothing To Show For It
 Missing Out On Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars From Existing Customers
 Wasting Thousands Of Dollars On Ad Creative That Isn't Optimised For Facebook.
 Destroying Your Brand Reputation By Promoting Ads That Don't Resonate With Your Audience.
How To Make Facebook Ads Work For You?
Instead of trying to make bad advertisement work, the key to success on Facebook is to understand the right way to communicate your value proposition to your potential customers. Rather than investing on perceived high value video production value & vanity metrics, it's important to understand your target market and focus on creating highly engaging ads that blend in with the Facebook platform.
Step 1: Define Your Market
We identify & analyse your target customers. By studying their desires, their pain points and the content they consume, we are able to reverse engineer the best Facebook Ad strategy to get them to bu from your company.
Step 2: Build Your Value Ladder
Your value ladder is the sequence of offers you use to increase customer lifetime value. By building retargeting channels and helping you design complementary offers, we can 3x your current customer life time value.
Step 3: Create Ads & Funnels That Convert.
Once all the planning is done, it's time to build our sales machine. We take care of every step along the way, including video ad production & funnel creating.
Step 4: Scale & Dominate Facebook
This is where the money is made. Once your high converting sales machine is complete, we can rapidly scale it to 7-8 figures by identifying and reaching out to your entire target market.
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